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February 21, 2017
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Why Do Some Men Go Bald?


The male pattern baldness refers to the common hair loss in men from their scalp area. The change in hormone level of the individuals leads this type of baldness. A heredity component is found in such type of baldness.

This issue is painless but no doubt it is psychologically painful for the person. However, there can be lots of causes of this issue so you need to figure out which cause is impacting the health of your hair. Once you know the exact cause, then it would be easy for you to do something for its treatment. Read on to know more about why do some men go bald and if this problem is treatable or not.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Genetics, hormones, and age are considered as the main factors that have an impact on the baldness. These factors make their contribution in the risk of ongoing reduction of the hair follicles in the scalp area and progressively lead to make hair finer and shorter. This type of baldness also happens in women.

About every man is at a risk of developing baldness to some extent. However, if you notice that baldness is running into your family then you are highly prone to adopt baldness. According to an estimate, almost half of the men will get male pattern baldness until the age of 50 years, as well as 30 percent of the men, develop baldness until the age of 30 years.However, you need to administer some tests to ensure the reason due to which you are going through baldness.

Treatment for Hair Loss

If you or any of your relative is suffering from baldness then you need to go for some treatment plan at the earliest stage. You may adopt any of the treatment plans from some available treatments. Some of the treatments include;

You may adopt the treatment plan of your own choice, but hair transplantation is the most recommended treatment plan. Lots of beneficial aspects of this plan is a reason to adopt it. The most adorable benefit is that you will get rid of hair loss on apermanent basis. After getting a hair transplant, you don’t need to be worried about your hair loss again. Different techniques of hair loss treatment in Dubai are available in the market. You need to choose the best technique on the basis of your requirements.

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