Best Treatment for Hair Loss in Women in Dubai/UAE

It’s a fact that everyone loses hair. However, the intensity of losing hair matters. According to American Academy of Dermatology, losing 10 to 50 hair a day is normal for every person. It becomes an issue when hair loss occurs more frequently. When it comes to hair loss in women, then it is more disastrous in women. As it creates low self-esteem in women. Female hair restoration is an option to get out of this issue.


A clear diagnosis is necessary to know about reasons behind hair loss in women. As there can be lots of causes behind this issue. First of all, it is necessary to know about the actual cause as there can be various causes include menopause, stress, dieting, trauma, poor nutrition, rough handling of hair, or any underlying diseases like diabetes, thyroid infection, etc.

What is Hair Loss in Women?

The hair loss in women mostly occurs in form of thinning their hair. It is also known as FPHL (female pattern hair loss). It gets a different appearance in women.

Are you worried about Hair Loss?

Are you facing the issue of hair loss and worried about it? You don’t need to be worried about this issue in this technological age. The experts have made a revolution with the use of different technologies in each and every field, and so there are various hair transplant techniques that can provide a better solution to hair loss victim. FUE hair transplant is considered as the most effective technique to treat hair loss in women.

Are you a Candidate?

First of all, you need to know whether you are a good candidate for hair treatment or not. It is a fact that just a few women are good candidates for having a hair transplant. You should consult your doctor for this purpose or you can also consult our expert surgeons by filling our consultancy form. Our expert will provide you advice for free of cost.
You are a candidate if;
 You lose hair as a result of hormonal issues.
 You lose hair as a result of any traumatic situation.
 Your donor area has enough hair.

Techniques and Equipment

Laser comb and surgery method are two preferred methods for treating hair loss in women. Dubai Hair Club utilizes laser comb method to provide instant and best results to our consumers. Our experts use equipment in a careful manner so that our customer will not face any issue.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Whenever you want to get treatment for your hair loss then you need to prepare yourself as per doctor’s instructions. Some of the basic instructions are as follows.
• Quit smoking for some days before getting your treatment.
• Avoid usage of any type of blood thinners to avoid side effects. You should avoid for as a minimum of 2 weeks before surgery.
• Do not intake alcohol in any form.
• You need to do with all of the prescribed tests before almost 7 days of surgery


Surgeons perform procedure very carefully ass minor error in the procedure can impact effectivity of the treatment. At first, surgeons diagnose the reason behind hair loss in women to know which procedure will be best for the patient. There can be minor changes in the procedure on the basis of the selected method. However, the basic procedure includes administration of anesthesia to avoid patient from pain. After that, the surgeon works on the preparation of both donor and recipient areas and hair grafting. In the next step, careful implantation of hair is done. The professional surgeons, who are allocated to administer the treatment of hair loss in women in Dubai, always describe a procedure before starting treatment. Patient’s awareness is necessary for her satisfaction.

Post-Op Care

You should take care of your scalp properly after treatment. It is necessary to get better results. You should also follow following instructions and also have a follow up with your doctor.
• Do not go for smoking for minimum 7 days after the surgery.
• Avoid blood-thinning medicines for as a minimum of 10-15 days.
• Avoid massaging or itching your scalp.
• Keep your scalp safe from sun exposure.

Recovery and Results

Proper care is necessary for fast recovery. However, the results of treatment for hair loss in women in Dubai are amazing. About 8-10 months are required for proper recovery and natural hair starts to grow after this time period. The basic purpose of the hair loss treatment is to provide a natural look to the patient so that no one even can consider that the person has gone through any kind of treatment.

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