Celebrity Hair Transplant

So you think celebrities are spoiled brats that have it all and not a worry in the world? You’re wrong if you do! Celebs actually have to struggle a lot more than common folks to maintain a presentable self. Even the slightest of problem can become scandalous. True that they get paid tens of times more than most of us but still it is equally hard for them.

Hair loss is common and it’s common in the hunks from Hollywood as well. So what’s their reaction to hair locks being lost? Nope they just don’t swim with the flow, they get it corrected. The best option is what you’ve already probably guessed, a hair transplant.

You want to know who’s got it done. They keep mum on the matter but their hairline does all the talking. Read below and you might be surprised with some of the names.

Jude Law Jude-Law

Jude Law is one of the List-A guys in Hollywood whose work in movies like the Sherlock Holmes series and Enemy at the Gates.
The 43-year-old Briton is known not just for his acting skills but also for his good looks.
Jude a few years back had seriously obvious hair loss in the frontal region which all of a sudden went away. It’s safe to say that the celebrity went under the knife to rejuvenate his hair line


                                                                   Wayne Rooney

Rooney is a much loved footballer who plays for Manchester United and England. The 30-year-old lost hair at a very early age and was seriously balding in his mid-twenties. However, a hair transplant surgery has done wonders for his looks and Wayne now looks like a real hunk. Unlike most of the celebs who get the transplant, he has not tried to hide it.



Mel Gibson Mel-Gibson

Mel Gibson is one of those actors that seems to have been around forever. The 60-year-old is another celebrity who has rumored to have gotten a hair transplant. Mel had very obvious hair loss a few years back. However, he made a strong comeback and now has a scalp full of hair. Doing the math, its pretty obvious that he like tons of other stars has gotten a hair transplant.


Mathew McConaughey Mathew-McConaughey

Mathew is certainly one of the more talented actors in Hollywood who can play a variety of roles. He is well liked by the ladies too for obvious reasons. The 43-year-old Texan who is often seen in rom coms has had significant hair loss in the past. The impact was pretty obvious and it doesn’t go well with the audiences. The problem has been solved with his hair transplant and Mathew looks as good as ever.


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