Eyebrow Transplant in Dubai

In order to have a strong presence, every feature of one’s appearance should be perfect. Even the smallest of problem can take center stage and damage an otherwise perfect look. One of the issues that can cause such a problem is loss of hair in the eyebrow region. Even though the problem is not very common, it does take place. Now, we are providing hair transplant in Dubai for the solution of such issues.

Make up can at times conceal the light eyebrows but not every time. Some people get tattoo made in the area so that a fuller appearance of hair can be seen. These options are less than ideal and often do not give good results.

The only permanent solution for this problem is the eyebrow hair transplant. The treatment has been available for a while and many celebrities including Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and movie star Kiera Knightly have undergone the transplant. The demand for the procedure has increased many folds since the two have undergone it a few years back.

Causes of eyebrow hair loss

Eyebrow hair loss can be caused by a number of reasons. Here are some if those:
1- Certain conditions like alopecia and eczema are the major causes behind eyebrow hair thinning.
2- As a result of over plucking, eyebrows sometimes thin to the point of nearly non-existence.
3- Use of certain medications can also cause eyebrow hair loss.
4- Genetics can also play a part in some cases.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Eyebrow hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is fairly simple and involves collecting hair from the donor area – usually near ears – and inserting them into the eyebrow area. It is the permanent solution to eyebrow hair loss. You are a good candidate of eyebrow hair transplant Dubai if:
You have naturally thin eyebrows and you want to enhance them.
You have suffered a trauma that is some accident or burn to the eyebrows.
You have suffered from a medical condition such as alopecia areata or thyroid disease resulting in eyebrow hair loss.
You have had certain medical treatment like chemotherapy that causes eyebrow hair loss.
You have good health.


It is recommended to do careful care before adopting any kind of treatment. You should follow the following tips to prepare for your eyebrow hair transplant.
 Do not use blood thinners as they can be hazardous for you or can damage the results of your surgery.
 Avoid use of any kind of herbal medications as they can also affect your treatment badly.
 Stop smoking for at least 14-21 days before getting your treatment.
 Avoid drinking any type of alcoholic drink specifically 3-4 days before your treatment.
 Do not intake caffeine in any shape for at least 7 days before your treatment.

How eyebrow hair transplant is done?

eyebrow hair transplant Eyebrow hair transplant is done using FUE transplantation technique. Since a small number of grafts are needed, strip method is not a good option. The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

Administration of anesthesia

The first step of the procedure is administration of anesthesia. Since eyebrow hair transplant is done using FUE technique, it is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is administered in both donor and recipient sites to numb down the pain.

Collecting grafts

Grafts are collected with the help of a pneumatic punch from the side or the back of the scalp which is the donor site.

Preparation of recipient site

Incisions for grafting are then made in the eyebrows which is the recipient site with the help of specialized needles and micrografting techniques are used to complete the task.

Insertion of grafts

Finally, collected hair grafts are inserted in the eyebrow area.

Recovery and results

Recovery from eyebrow hair transplant is quite easy and simple and you can make it even faster and more comfortable by strictly following surgeon’s instructions. There is some crusting after the procedure which is not too much of botheration. Rest must be taken for a couple of days to allow yourself a quick recovery.
Certain cautions like avoiding itching and massaging the eyebrows and smoking for a few weeks after the procedureare important. You will be provided with details for aftercare and following these will help you achieve a successful transplant.

The transplanted hair take a few weeks to shed and new hair should start appearing in about three months’ time. These hair are strong and permanent which give a very full appearance to the brows. Within six months, a visible difference can be noticed. The brows may need to be trimmed every now and again since the hair grow like normal hair.

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