PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) – Regrow Thicker Hair

Why Do Some Men Go Bald?
February 21, 2017

PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) – Regrow Thicker Hair


The goal is to look youthful and vibrant. Hair has an integral role in enhancing your overall looks. Thin or uneven hair doesn’t take a chance to add any grace into you.Hair thinning or hair loss occurs for various reasons. But the matter of fact is, once it starts, it goes on increasing. Leading to bald scalp.

Don’t worry and thank the science that has now provided solution to your worries. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a new technique in the hair transplant era. It is slightly different from the typical hair transplant procedures. PRP treatment has a goal to naturally grow the hair, by improving hair follicles health. Hair transplant in Dubai is elevating in successful hair restoration treatments, now also providing best PRP treatment in Dubai.

What is PRP?

Just think of PRP as fertilizer of a plant. As we sow the seed, it needs fertilizer to boost its growth. Just like thatPRP do its job. PRP is a simple 60min treatment that extractsa small amount blood from the patient, then harvesting the growth factors. That’s why it’s called platelets rich plasma, as the platelets are responsible for mending and repairs. The serum is injected into the blood supply at the back of the hair follicles that are weak. Hence, the objective is stimulating the follicles to produce more healthy hair.

The procedure

  • Patient will have routine blood testing at primary care physician’s office.
  • The blood is centrifuged and the PRP platelets rich plasma is separated.
  • A local anesthesia is given to numb the scalp.
  • Small amounts of PRP is injected into the areas of the scalp that has thinning problem.
  • PRP hair injections should only be administered by a registered doctor, who is specifically experienced and educated in hair loss and hair restoration treatments.
  • The patient’s hair is then washed normally. Ready to go home.

The exact number of session is determined by doctor with respect to severity of issue.The treatment boosts the follicular growth and stimulates hair regrowth.Certain pre-and post op precautions are necessary for you. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Avoid alcoholicbeverages and blood thinning meds. This treatment is applicable for both men and women. The ideal candidates considered are the ones with only hair thinning problem.Yes, PRP treatments can help patients to prevent hair loss and it doesn’tjust cannot slow down hall fall.

Our advice

Get evaluated by a doctor at a reputable clinic that specializes in PRP for hair loss. As not all patients are suitable for PRP, its only way to appropriately planthe treatment.Utilizing PRP is usually determined as – 3 treatments (over 4 or at most 6 months) utilizing 30 ml of blood on each occasion, or 1 treatments (over a year) withutilizing at least 60ml of blood. It all depends on the situation of your hair.

Schedule free consultation

Dubai hair club now provide free consultation service. You can drop any query regarding PRP, its procedure or results, online. It is the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai that has state of the art treatment facilities and experienced hair transplant surgeons. Feel free to ask in the form below, we ‘ll reach to you in no time. Say good bye to hair loss!

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