Our Consultation Process is in Two Steps

Initial Informative Session

First and foremost, specific information regarding the hair loss condition of the given person is acquired. At this point, important information regarding the hair transplant procedures is imparted to the hair transplant candidates so that they are able to arrive at the right choice. It also helps in eradicating any last minute surprises for the hair transplant candidate. This is the basic step that is needed in moving forward.

Surgeon’s Assessment

Then next step is the assessment by our hair transplant expert as to how many grafts are needed and what approach should be taken towards the transplant. This is a very important part since the eventual outcome of the hair transplant rests on the planning that will be done and executed from this assessment. Every individual and their needs are different and it is critical to pay special attention to each person. Our highly competent and experienced surgeons ensure that the finest outcome is achieved.

In House Consultation

The ideal form of consultation which is recommended by our doctors. This allows them to carry out a detailed assessment including have a closer look at the donor area, the required laxity in the scalp and determination of the ideal hairline density. If you are able to do so, arrive to the office to benefit from an in house consultation.

Other Consultation Methods

There are other methods consultation as well which you can benefit from. Skype can be used for the purpose of assessment as the information can be disseminated through video link. The surgeon can also assess the hair condition through a visual inspection online.

Another alternative is a consultation through Whats-app where snaps as per the instructions of the doctor can be sent and discussion can be had regarding the possibilities. The doctor can guide you on how to take these pictures as per their needs.


Free Consultation