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February 20, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Strategies to stop female pattern baldness


Hair loss or hair thinning is the cry of every second person you look around. Increasing rate of pollution and environmental changes is one of the factors behind it. It might be the reason that your hair loss runs in the family. It is a common issue that affects millions around the world. In alternate, it is happening due to sudden stress. It can be an upsetting experience to lose hair on a daily basis for women. As they associate hair with beauty.Dubai hair club is the rescue resort for hair transplant in Dubai, also offering various possible solutions to hair loss issues.

Female pattern baldness

Although there are many techniques to get the root cause of problem. Generally, female pattern baldness is usually diagnosed based on the hair loss. The doctor examines the patient’s medical history. The case of changes in menstrual cycle is reviewed and some specific blood tests may be required. In order to diagnose factors responsible for the hair loss.  Other nutritional routines and routine habits are also reviewed.

How you know its baldness?

The process of female pattern baldness is gradual and unknown to you at first. The ordeal starts with recession at the hairline. Then slowly it moves towards the crown area and bald patches begun to form. Your fallen hair in the brush starts multiplying.they may see more of their scalp than normal when their hair is pulled back. The hair follicles shrink and number of hair per follicle is also low.

Who is at a hit?

  • It mainly happens to women aging between 50 and 60.
  • It can also happen in the teens. But less possibility.

Possible solutions

Accept it – Yeah! Accept it if you are reluctant to get out of your worry zone. Sit back and watch.

Home remedies –  it is possible for you to while staying at home. Here, you go for natural remedies with homemade solutions. Such as vinegar conditioning, egg n oil treatments. Oil massage etc.

Avoiding strategies– avoid excess hair coloring, styling and other salon treatments. The excess use of chemicals and heat damages hair.

Medical suggestions– visit a reputable dermatologist to have checkup for your scalp issues. The doctor will diagnose if there is really any skin infection present.

MedicinesMinoxidil can be found in Rogaine for women and can be applied. This may treat hair loss in young women. This has to be used daily as stopping this rises the problem again.

Hair Transplant – It is the post effective and permanent solution to date. People are getting benefits from hair transplant in Dubai and are much satisfied. The procedure is simple, it uses your existing hair and implant to the affected area. The new hair grows naturally, without any artificial looks.

Schedule a Free Consultancy

Dubai hair club is giving free consultancy for female pattern baldness issues. It is a renowned hair transplant clinic in Dubai, that is offering state of the art services. Feel free to give a call or visit the clinic.

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