Female Hair Restoration

The hair loss effects are not as severe in females and most of the time it goes unnoticed. While men tend to have obvious balding with large portions of the scalp free from any hair, women only go through thinning and complete hair loss from any part of the scalp is a rare event.

Causes of female hair loss

Known as female pattern baldness, the female hair thinning is caused mostly by the presence Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a male hormone present in both men and women. It is a hereditary condition that affects no less than 80% of the world’s population at some stage of life. However, other factors too can contribute to hair loss. Alopecia marginalis and trauma too can cause female hair loss. Dealing with this phenomenon in women is a little trickier than hair loss in men. For men, there are certain areas of the scalp (the back and side of the scalp) which are resistant to the ill effects of DHT. However, in women, these areas too are affected by this hormone and thinning also takes place in these areas.

Female hair Restoration

Who is a Candidate for Transplant?

In the usual cases of hair loss, females with hair loss due to non-hormonal reasons can get hair transplanted. Hair loss that may be a result of a trauma like a severe injury or burn can be corrected with the hair transplant surgery.

Similarly, hair fall caused by alopecia marginalis can also be treated. This condition is caused by the use of braids and hair extensions over a long period of time hair loss typically takes place at the frontal regions on the scalp.

Who is not a Good Candidate?

Women who undergo thinning due to hormonal factors are not ideal candidates for hair transplants as the hair can undergo the same trouble in future due to the aforementioned reasons. Occasionally women experience balding like men and the traditional hair transplant may work. This is because they have a healthy donor area much like the opposite sex.

Consult a Hair Transplant Expert

Female hair Restoration

In order understand whether you should or should not opt for a hair transplant in Dubai, it is important that you consult a hair transplant surgeon. They can guide you on the factors that cause the hair loss and if success can be achieved if you undergo the surgery. Figures show that there is a significant increase in the number of women seeking hair transplants in recent years.

Should you be a candidate and choose to proceed, there are some hair transplant options like Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) also referred to as strip method, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Stem Cell FUE procedure. These are all highly effective hair transplant methods which offer fantastic results in about one year’s time.

Pre-Op Preparation

Pre operation care is really necessary to achieve desired outcomes of the female hair restoration. You need to follow following tips in this regard.

• Do not smoke for at least a week or two before treatment.
• Stop alcohol consumption.
• Done with all prescribed tests.
• Stop intake of any type of blood thinners for about two weeks before surgery.


Surgeons perform the procedure for female hair restoration Dubai in a very careful way. Careful diagnosis is the first and foremost step. It is essential for the selection of a proper method. After that, the local anesthesia is administered on the donor and recipient area to keep patient safe from any kind of pain. Hair grafting is done on the donor area, and then implantation is administered in a careful way.

Post-Op Care

It is essential to take proper care of the scalp for the better treatment. You should consult your physician for this purpose, however, following tips will also be helpful for you.

• Stop smoking.
• Avoid consumption of alcohol.
• Avoid intake of blood thinners for a minimum of 14 days.
• Avoid massaging your scalp. If you feel any itching then you need to consult your physician instantly.


Doctors provide some special instructions to the patient so that she can recover soon and get best results. The doctor suggest antibiotics and pain killers. Also, the wounds require almost 6-7 days for healing and scabs disappear within 15 days. The shedding procedure of the hair continues for 8 weeks, and then the growth of new hair starts. Overall, the patient recovers within 12-18 months.

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