Dubai Hair Club Gurantee

The manner in which each individual responds to the hair transplant treatment differs and no two people will have the same results. Keeping this in mind, Dubai Hair Club cannot guarantee the exact nature of results. We do, however, offer a free of cost replacement grafts to replace the ones that did not grow given that the following conditions are met.

  •  A period of at least twelve months has been completed after the procedure was performed at the Dubai Hair Club by our hair transplant surgeons.
  •  After getting your hair transplant done at Dubai Hair Club, you have not undergone any further hair restoration from any other hair transplant facility. You also have not received any such treatment that may have ill effects on the hair growth, whether it be medical or aesthetic in nature.
  •  Compliance with all the post-operative care instructions as well as any other medical recommendations by our doctors are Dubai Hair Club must be adhered to. All consultation after the procedure should have been attended and recommended follow up visits should be made.
  •  One of our hair transplant experts at Dubai Hair Club has thoroughly assessed the hair growth and has determined the precise number of grafts that need to be done as replacement, free of cost.
  •  You have not been deemed for a follow up procedure by our doctors at Dubai Hair Club due to a medication condition including lack of elasticity in scalp tissue, inadequate donor area, inability or failure of the patient to provide with all the relevant medical history earlier as well as a new medical condition that may rule out further transplant procedures. Medical reasons include the above mentioned issues but are not limited to them.A final call on the matter will be made by one of our doctors in light of all relevant information and based on his/her judgment based education and expertise in the field.
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