Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Since last few years, hair transplant surgeries have gained significant boost not only in the western world but also in UAE, especially Dubai. Although women also experience hair loss, but Dubai has more men experiencing receding hairline and baldness and this number is increasing with every passing year. And consequently, the number of men opting for hair transplants is significantly increasing.

No doubt, hair transplant has long term benefits and is the perfect option for those who want thick hair back on the head. But it is still important to consider the crucial factors associated with it before going under the knife. Cost and quality are perhaps the most important ones. It is a fact that good quality usually increases the cost. However, by doing thorough research and considering some important factors, you can lower the cost without compromising on the quality and outcomes of the procedure.

In this article, we will share some important factors that are crucial to consider when determining the cost of hair transplant in Dubai. Have a look!

  • Number of grafts required

A number of grafts needed for a surgery mainly depends on the size of bald area and the hair loss pattern. Those who have lost more hair and have more prominent bald patches would require more number of grafts to provide full coverage. Since hair transplants are usually charged on the basis of number of grafts, more the number of grafts higher the cost of the surgery. The exact number of grafts is determined after proper assessment.

  • Surgical technique

Surgical technique selection is another crucial factor that affects the overall cost of surgery. Two hair transplant methods – FUT and FUE hair transplants – are usually used for performing hair restoration surgery.

FUT, also named as traditional hair transplant, involves removing a strip of scalp from the back, dissecting it into required number of follicles and then inserting those grafts into the bald area. It requires less time and effort, and therefore, it is not as costly as FUE, comparatively newer technique. FUE involves individual extraction and insertion of hair follicles that requires precision, more effort, and considerable time.

  • Surgeon’s expertise and reputation

Surgeon’s fee is also included in the entire cost of surgery. It mainly depends on the experience and reputation of the surgeon. Getting surgery from the surgeon who has significant experience in the field usually, increases the cost.

  • Location of the clinic

Location of the clinic also affects the cost of hair transplant surgery considerably. Hair transplant clinics in USA or UK are usually expensive as compared to the ones located in UAE, especially Dubai. This is the reason that thousands of hair transplant candidates travel to Dubai from all over the world to get quality yet affordable hair transplant surgeries.

Bottom line

All the factors mentioned above affect the cost of hair transplant in one way or the other. However, it is assured that you will get a quality procedure in Dubai as hair restoration clinics in Dubai strictly follow the healthcare regulations.

Average hair transplant cost in Dubai

A large number of hair transplant clinics in Dubai are serving their services. However, if you want to get quality services at affordable rates then you should visit us. Our average hair transplant cost is about AED 7 to AED 25 per follicular graft. It can also be more or less depending on patient’s individual requirements and final assessment.

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