Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is the basic issue of both men and women nowadays. People are looking for hair loss treatments through which they can get rid of this serious issues. Hair loss is also recognized as baldness. The people who suffer from hair loss may lead towards stress as it can lower the self-esteem of the person. Moreover, it lowers confidence and capabilities of a person to survive in the community. It may not be an issue for some people but for youngsters and adults it is a serious issue. Hairstyle plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of a person. If your hair loss doesn’t allow you to adopt a beautiful hairstyle then you should do something to treat it.

Causes of Hair Loss

There can be lots of hair loss causes. Some main causes include heredity, use of medicine, health issues, nutritional deficiencies, instant weight loss, and stress. You should do proper care of your nutrition and diet to avoid hair loss. However, there is the probability that you adopt this issue after proper care because you have this issue in your ancestors. Sometimes, the risks increase if you are a victim of cancer and you are using medicines to heal from cancer or another serious health issue.
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Types of Hair Loss

Different types of hair loss include female-pattern hair loss, male pattern hair loss, thinning of hair, and alopecia areata. However, hair loss treatment in Dubai have the capability to deal with all types of hair loss.
• Male pattern – refers to the hair loss that occurs in top and back of the scalp.
• Female pattern – refers to the hair loss that occurs in back and top as well as sides of the scalp.
• Thinning of hair – refers to the state of hair when they become thin and start shedding.
• Alopecia areata – refers to the state when hair shed from some area of the scalp or body.
This method is also known as spot baldness.

Treatments for Hair Loss

Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we are providing some hair loss treatments to help people to get rid of their hair loss issue. We also help you to know about hair loss in men and hair loss in women in detail. Our treatments include medicine, mesotherapy, Acell, plasma therapy, etc. Please scroll down to know more about these treatment plans in hair loss Dubai. Our experts are always ready to help you so you can ask anything about your hair loss problem through a free consultation. Don’t wait anymore and contact our experts.

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss is a very common problem which causes long lasting damage to one’s appearance. In yesteryear, people had no real option to tackle with this problem apart from wearing hats or trying the unsightly and fake looking toupees.

Hair Loss in Women

Long and luscious hairs are a universal symbol of beauty amongst women. Ladies all over the globe make special efforts to nourish their much loved locks and ensure their good health

Hair Loss Medicine

Hair loss medicines can help in controlling hair thinning and can also help in regrowth of hair. These must be taken with the advice of a doctor to reap maximum benefit out of them

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Approximately 80% of the people globally experience hair loss at some stage in life. For men, it can mean large empty spaces on the scalp while for women, effects are less pronounced and generally limited to universal thinning of hair.

Acell for Hair Loss

Noninvasive ways for hair restoration have long been sought by experts. Now ACell therapy is a big leap in hair restoration noninvasive treatments

Plasma Therapy - PRP

Plasma therapy is based on platelet rich plasma which is centrifuged from the blood and injected into the thinning areas of the scalp. The results are excellent as the thinning visibly lessens and the follicles get healthier.