Stem cell FUE hair transplant: A brief overview

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February 11, 2017
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Stem cell FUE hair transplant: A brief overview

Stem cell FUE hair transplant

Hair fall is the common problem of every other person in this world. The reason behind this problem varies. It may be due any health issue or environment factor. The most efficient solution of this problem is hair transplant. People are adopting it and happy with its long-term results.

Hair transplant has many techniques and procedures. Stem cell FUE hair transplant is one of them. In this treatment, also known as the HASCI method, the entire hair follicle isn’t removed. As an alternative, some hair stem cells are left in the donor area to stimulate regrowth. Many researchers have deduced in their findings thatnew hair can be formed using only part of the hair stem cells. This procedure cleverly utilizes natural stem cells harmonizing with a specially-developed medium that guarantees the capability of the grafts and stimulates further growth in the stem cells.

Recommendation before surgery

Avoid blood thinning medications or consult your doctor who referred it. Avoid intake of alcohol or other beverages. Take the required test as prescribed by the surgeon. The patient can relax while the procedure, so no need to worry.


  • A local anesthesia is applied to numb the affected area.
  • Follicular unit extraction using the automated punch tool.
  • Careful trimming of these follicular units under a microscope to obtain grafts of desired size.
  • Tiny incisions at the recipient area, keeping in mind the direction of natural hair.
  • The very small needles are used in the surgery, there’s no post-operative pain.
  • Incision of extracted grafts into these tiny incisions to complete the procedure

After surgery

The scalp may remain sore for a couple of days following the surgery. But it can get better by following proper medications prescribed by the doctor. The transplanted hair start shedding, and within months they start to regrow. It also allows hair regeneration at the donor site. It is the main advantage that differs Stem cell FUE hair transplant procedure with other techniques.

Suitable for

  • Facial area treatments
  • Treatment of scar tissue (e.g. burn wounds)


  • Multiple transplants can be performed in a single donor area.
  • No scarring
  • Painless treatment.
  • Multiple treatments are possible due to the full recovery of the hair follicles in the donor area
  • A natural hairline can be created using smaller grafts than the ones used in other techniques.
  • Transplantation of maximum numbers of grafts in a single session.


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