Nano graft hair transplant – A New Era of hair transplant

Stem cell FUE hair transplant
Stem cell FUE hair transplant: A brief overview
February 11, 2017
Nano graft hair transplant – A New Era of hair transplant
February 14, 2017

Nano graft hair transplant – A New Era of hair transplant

Nano Graft Hair Transplant

Hair fall issue is widespread in our surroundings. Its causes vary, due to an increasing pollution factor or health concerns. Science is always busy to come up with new and efficient solutions. There are many answers that science has facilitated us to overcome hair loss issue. One of the advance technology nowadays comes from Nano tech. It’s the Nano graft hair transplant in Dubai.From the last several years it has been giving great efficiency. And the results are phenomenal.

What is Nano graft?

Nano graft hair transplant is state-of- art hair transplantation method. This technology has revolutionized the technique of FUE by automating the process. It provides less traumatic and more efficient transplant of follicular units.

Preparation for treatment

First of all, the doctor examines the patient’s condition. Then the procedure is planned according to that.

Precautions before treatment

  • Halt the alcohol intake
  • Stop using blood thinning medicine.
  • Go for prescribed tests by the doctor.
  • Caffeine shouldn’t be consumed 24hr before the procedure.

About the procedure

  • Local Anesthesia is applied to the donor area and recipient area.
  • The donor site is prepared to take the grafts. This is the important procedure to know the direction of the hair.
  • Each follicle is individually grafted.
  • Follicles with 3-4 hair in it is placed in the middle of the scalp to increase the volume.
  • After completion, hair is washed up and the patient is discharged.

Growth of hair fully takes time. It’s a matter of months. In first few weeks’ hair shed away, its normal. Best hair transplant depends on healthy follicles, and healthy follicles depends on healthy scalp. As the age increases, the number of hair perfollicles also decreases.Around 20-30 years, its more than 600 per follicles. After 40years its almost less than 500 per follicles.

Post-op care

  • Follow themedications prescribed by the doctor.
  • Take rest for a week.
  • Avoid any kind of heavy exercises.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks.

Your scalp will take almost 3 months to clearly regrow your hair. First weeks is for shedding of hair, that is not to worry about. You are going to get full length of healthy hair in the time of 12-13 months.

Free consultancy

Dubai hair club is providing free consultancy opportunity to its customers. Feel free to ask anything about Nano graft hair transplant in Dubai. They are providing up to the mark hair transplant facilities in Dubai. So, ask anything in the form given below absolutely free. Our consultant will get back to you with respective answers.


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