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February 10, 2016
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February 12, 2016

Second Hair Transplant Procedure

Secondary Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to restore and give solution to all your hair loss, hair thinning and balding dilemma. The step by step procedure to when you are planning to have a hair restoration and hair transplantation surgery done usually starts by researching thoroughly what medical companies, clinics and hospitals offer the best and most reliable services. The out most results and success of every procedure done usually relies on choosing the right place and the right people who understands fully your expectations and of course, the most important factor of all, choosing the most experienced hair surgeons. A surgeon who has years of experience in the field of hair transplant and hair restoration means that he has mastered his craft and his hair transplantation techniques are reliable and effective. After finding the suitable clinic and surgeon for your hair restoration procedure, the next step should be getting a scheduled appointment with your doctor. This is the most critical part for patients to be able to get a one on one appointment prior to the surgery itself, for during this time as a client you will be able to tell the doctor your doubts, expectations and anything that concerns you as a patient. In this appointment, your doctor will also give you all the heads up and reminders of what to and not to do before getting the procedure done and what to do after as well.

Typically, during the day of the surgery, the surgeon will first administer a topical anesthesia or patient can request for the intravenous type. The surgeon will then have to estimate the amount of hair follicles to be extracted by measuring the problem area. The amount of hair to be extracted from the donor site or the area in the scalp where hair is most abundant, usually depends on how wide the problem area, also known as the recipient area where the extracted hair follicles will be transplanted(Follicular Unit Transplant & Follicular Unit Extraction). Recovery time should last at least a week or two depending on the healing period of the patient. But be rest assured that after the procedure you can be immediately an outpatient. Results may also vary depending on the healing time of the patient and if hair follicles that were transplanted will effectively grow into long luscious hair.

According to Dubai Hair Club, one of the most prestigious hair transplant clinic in Dubai and the whole of UAE, a possible second hair transplant procedure can be done if by any chance the patient is not satisfied by the outcome. Although, the overall results would at least take six or more months before true results will be seen, we suggest that patients give it three to five years before rushing into another hair transplantation procedure. The cost of the second hair transplant procedure will still depend on how many follicular units will be extracted and transplanted. Most second-timers’ common reason for getting another procedure is if they want to add more abundance to certain parts of the recipient area. Patients don’t have to worry about double scarring as well, for surgeons can extract hair follicles on the same donor area used during their first procedure.

If you are planning for a second hair transplant procedure and you have a few doubts about it, you can easily inquire and send us your questions at Dubai Hair Club or call our customer service hotlines.

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