Common Question About Hair Transplant

hair transplant for women
Hair Transplant for Women
February 22, 2016
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Will Hair Transplantation Harm My Existing Hair?
March 3, 2016

Common Question About Hair Transplant

Common Question About Hair Transplan

Here at Dubai Hair Club we summed up all frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by patients who are planning or are interested in getting a hair transplant procedure. These questions are often asked during the first consultations by patients with their chosen hair doctors.

Why should I choose Dubai Hair Club for my hair transplant restoration?

Dubai Hair Club believes that we cannot manipulate people or patients to make them believe and go for us for all their hair restoration needs. We can only assure them that we can be trusted, we are reliable, we are reasonably affordable and we have the most excellent group of hair doctors who boast of many years of experiences in this field of medicine and restoration that we are known to be one of the most excellent hair clinic in Dubai and the whole of UAE.

All our hair surgeons, physicians and assistants are required to have an active license in the field of cosmetic surgery, have undergone basic surgery training and are always updated with the latest hair transplant trend by requiring them to attend seminars and conventions that focus on cosmetic surgery and hair restoration techniques on a yearly basis.

Lastly, why choose Dubai Hair Club? We are always updated with the latest hair transplant techniques and are also one of the first few who have updated hair transplant machines and high-technology gadgets on a yearly basis for a much faster, less complicated and much more comfortable procedure for our clients.

How much does a hair restoration / transplantation cost?

Hair transplant and other types of hair restoration techniques vary in costs. This is because some hair restoration procedures are not as detailed and as fragile as the others. Some procedures can also be time consuming which means it requires more time from your surgeon and physician and that clearly means an additional payment to your doctors by the hour.

Here at Dubai Hair Club, the exact hair transplant cost can only be determined after the initial consultation where doctors will be able to assess the patients’ hair issues and be able to fully recognize what the patient need. This is also why we urge patients to get a consultation first before deciding on anything. For an idea of how much hair restoration and hair transplant cost, we say the general range is usually from $4,000 to $15,000 the most. Please be advised that we charge by hair grafts and hair follicles, so it means the wider the problem area, the more hair grafts will be needed.

Will the hair transplant result look natural?

Of course, no one would want a hair transplant result that would look like you are just wearing a wig; what would be the use of choosing to get this type of procedure when the result is the same as wearing a wig, which you can get at much cheaper price?

Hair Club Dubai makes sure that all our procedures will gain you and all our other clients the most natural hair transplant results. If you check out our website feed backs from past clients, the most positive feed backs we get is the fact that all hair transplant results are natural where patients can no longer distinguish their natural hair from the transplanted ones.

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