Body Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

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Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai
February 12, 2016
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Eyebrow Transplant Clinic in Dubai
February 15, 2016

Body Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

Body Hair Transplants

Hair transplant has been one of the most successful and in demand cosmetic surgery procedure all over the world. It does not only give solution to hair loss and balding issues that has been an epidemic nowadays, but it can also help a person uplift its self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. Generally, body hair transplant procedure is totally an advantage which helps people with hair issues improve themselves, not only physically but emotionally as well. You see, according to research, individuals who go through changes in their looks like aging which is an inescapable event of every human being living in this planet, and wherein hair loss and balding will always be connected with, anxiety and depression can be the worst effect of these types of changes in an aging person’s body. Solutions such as the body hair transplant may not be the answer to all your worries, but at least there will always be an answer to all your issues and woes.

Body hair transplant procedure is best used for individuals, whose scalp area is not a suitable donor for the recipient area, because usually the extraction sight has always been the back or the sides of the head where hair is most abundant. The donor area is where hair follicles will extracted using FUT or FUE technique, whatever will be suitable for the patient, but if there are not enough hair follicles to be extracted then surgeons will suggest to find another donor area which will be the other parts of the body that grows hair abundantly.

Donor areas can be the chest, arms, legs, thighs or the back. Please be reminded that body hair transplant is only suitable for individuals who are hairy in these parts of their body. Other important factors that need to be remembered by clients who seek the body hair transplant procedure include: the procedure will only work if the patient has a high density of hair in other parts of his body. Preferably, it should reach the density number of 22 units per square meters which can be known through a series of tests. Body hair transplant uses only one technique and that is the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction which extracts hair grafts individually which can make this type of procedure slow and a little bit on the painful side, so we suggest our patients to have more patience and must have a full will power to finish the whole procedure.

For more information on Body hair transplant, please do check out Dubai Hair Club website for more detailed explanation of the whole procedure, plus the cost, recovery and everything that concerns possible clients who would want to get this type of procedure. Possible clients and patients can also call our customer service hot line for scheduled appointments with our hair doctors and specialists, or better yet.
you can visit the nearest Dubai Hair Clinic in your area for free consultations and a one on one discussion with the best hair doctors and surgeons in town.

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