Are You Worried About Hair Transplant Cost?

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Are You Worried About Hair Transplant Cost?


OMG! Do I have to go for a hair transplant? How much will it cost? Will it be worthy to adopt this treatment for hair loss? These are some question that may be bothering you when you get a suggestion of hair treatment from your surgeon. Well, don’t worry about these aspects. Let me provide you some clear information to shed light on your concerns. Read on to know more!

Hence, you cannot know about actual treatment from anywhere except your surgeon. We can just provide you an estimated idea for hair transplant cost. If you want to know actual cost then you need to visit a surgeon for proper analysis of your scalp.

Hair Transplant Cost Depends On;

  • Selection of the surgeon
  • Selection of technique
  • Number of required grafts
  • Expected results

How the Selection of Technique affects cost?

The selection of technique affects the hair transplant cost as every procedure contains some different requirements. FUE Dubai is more costly as compared to FUT. The reason is the effort that is required to complete the procedure. The one-to-one session is required to get the grafts carefully. Moreover, if you need more graft then the surgeon needs to do more attempt and also the cost increases with the increase in drafts.

Furthermore, more expertise are required to administer FUE technique to get best results. The experienced surgeons charge more as people know about their remarkable results. however, when you are getting our services then you don’t need to be worried about these aspects as all of our surgeons are professional. They are qualified enough to deal with each and every patient successfully to propose amazing results. The results of this treatment will astonish you and it will become a worthy decision for you.

Schedule a FREE Consultation

You should consult with the surgeon to get to know about actual cost. Recently, the estimated amount is AED 7-10 per graft. Dubai Hair Club is considered as one of the best clinics that are known for best hair grafting in DubaiAll of our surgeons are qualified enough to provide the best treatment to the customer. When it comes to the cost, you don’t need to be worried about it as we are offering special discounted offers. We update our offers on the basis of special occasions. You can get to know about them by visiting our offers page. Don’t hesitate to ask anything about our procedures or treatment plans as it’s your right. You are encouraged to use your right. Now, you can avail the opportunity of FREE consultation with one of our best surgeons. Just fill the form below and we will reach back to you on a short time notice. Our expert surgeons are always ready to assist you. Moreover, we also get back to you with the best possible solution to your problem.

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