Why Should You Choose FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in dubai
Is Hair Transplant a Permanent Treatment
October 3, 2016
Hair Transplant in Dubai
November 3, 2016

Why Should You Choose FUE Hair Transplant?


FUE is considered as one of the most used hair transplant methods in all over the world. First of all, you need to know what FUE hair transplant is. Basically, FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction that can provide incredible results in less time. Also, this method is less scarring when it is compared to any other hair transplant technique.

Reasons of Choosing FUE Hair Transplant

Several reasons are available to lead you towards choosing FUE hair transplant. These reasons include;

  1. The people, who have little donor hair, are suitable for this hair transplant technique.
  2. The scarring or marking is nearly invisible.
  3. It is best for the people who have a tight scalp.
  4. If you use FUE method then it will get less time in recovery.
  5. However, downtime is less.

These reasons reveal that FUE treatment in Dubai is the best selection whenever it comes to hair transplants. When you get the hair transplant then one area is known as a donor and the other is known as recipient area. It supports short haircuts as if you will get 110 percent successful transplant but still you need to get short hair instead of long hair. However, according to expert surgeons, it is one of the best hair transplant techniques.

Proper Checkup

The detailed and proper checkup is recommended before having FUE hair transplant in Dubai. After proper checkup, the surgeon can decide that how much bald area of the scalp can be covered with hair effectively. Well, you can have FUE at any time, however, it depends on the density that you want to achieve.


First of all, local anesthesia is administered in the targeted area of the scalp. After that, follicular units are extracted from the donor area in a careful way. The surgeons keep these grafts safe until the preparation of recipient area. Then, the extracted follicles are implanted in the targeted area to create the hairline. The whole procedure leaves some minor scars that are almost invisible.

FUE hair transplant has been proven the best and more successful hair transplant technique. Even you do not need to be scared from scars as they will be minor. So, as recommended by the experts, FUE is the best procedure to get the permanent solution of your hair loss. You can get treatment in just a few sessions, and then just observe growing of your new hair.

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