Do You Know Which Hair Style Suits on You?

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Do You Know Which Hair Style Suits on You?

Hairstyles can have a make or break effect on your appearance. Don’t believe me? Ask George Clooney who tried all kinds of hairstyles with longer hair before realizing that simple short length hair worked for him.
It is important to know your face type and have a hair style that suits it the most. Even if you are losing hair, these hair styles can help in covering that problem too. If you lose too many, you get a hair transplant as well which will get you permanent hair.
Now then, let’s take a closer look at the face types and the hair styles that go with them.


Oval Face

Fairly common face type that is great for hairstyles as just about anything works. Oval faced folks are spoilt for choice and can flaunt just about any hairstyle they like. However it is a good idea to avoid long fringes as they do not look very well.



Round Face

As the name suggests, the features of people with a round face are all quite round. Quite a few hairstyles can work for such people. The key is to balance the sides and the center of the scalp hair. Usually lighter on the sides and more concentration in the middle works well. Buzz cuts are best avoided as they may add appearance of weight to the face.



Oblong Face

These can be defined as a bit longer than oval faces. The face type generally is ideal for slightly longer locks. Shorter haircuts can bring too much attention to the length of the face which will not be a great option. Experimentation can be done to find the perfect style.



Triangular Face

These faces are characterized by a pointy chin and a broader jawline. Typically hairstyles that have more hair in the center are adopted by such people. Using hairstyles with side partings can add more masculinity to the personality.



Square Face

Experts believe that this face type has the license to try whichever hairstyle they please. These faces typically have a broad jawline which is the defining feature of such faces. If you have this facial structure, you have a big playing field. Try all the hairstyles and choose the one you like the most.



Diamond Face

Typically cheek bones are wide and the rest of the face is of normal width. Sharp and short hair look great for people with such a face type. Long locks may not be the best option available. Try some of the modern office executive looks, they suit you the most if you have this face type.

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