Is There Pain And Discomfort During A Hair Transplant?

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February 3, 2017
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February 6, 2017

Is There Pain And Discomfort During A Hair Transplant?


Hair loss is an issue that is faced by the majority of people nowadays. They are seeking different methods of hair restoration Dubai to get their hair back. However, various people are worried is there any pain and discomfort during a hair transplant? Well, it is your right to know each and everything before going to opt for this service. Let me explain the procedure for you so that you may find your answer.



Proper assessment is done before the administration of procedure. The patient remains awake during the whole process. Local anesthesia is administered on the scalp to ensure that the patient may not feel any kind of pain. The patients report the feeling of little discomfort and pain during the whole process. The threshold of pain and the level of tolerance of every individual is different. However, it is a fact that the patient remains comfortable during the whole process. Even they can watch television or chat with others during whole procedure, only if they want. Lots of procedures are available in the market, but FUT and FUE are the most used procedures. The patients who are going to get FUT Hair Transplant Dubai should know that they may experience discomfort to some extent till the completion of procedure. This is the reason that doctors prescribe medications to avoid any kind of discomfort. However, if you follow the pre-op and post-op care instructions carefully then you may get out of this discomfort shortly.


Level of Discomfort

It is also possible that FUT and FUE patients may experience sensitivity and discomfort in the recipient and donor area to some extent. However, the level of sensitivity is mild and seems to disperse shortly. However, it is noticed that a long way of ensuring the option of experiencing discomfort is reduced by following proper post care instructions.

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