Is FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai A Success Or Failure?

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February 1, 2017
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February 1, 2017

Is FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai A Success Or Failure?


Actually, hair transplant is a surgical procedure that allows the people to get their hair back. Different methods are used to perform this procedure. Some of the well-known procedures include FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, Stem Cell hair transplant, and PRP/ACell hair restoration methods. However, FUE method is most used and recommended by the surgeons.Most of the patients are looking for the answer to the question “is FUE hair transplant in Dubai a success or failure?” Read on to know more about the answer.

Selection of Procedure

The surgeon selects the procedure that he is going to opt on the basis of assessment. Usually, FUE hair transplant in Dubai is selected as it is the method that is suitable for almost all type of people.


Actually, the procedure is done in a very careful way. First of all, when you visit a surgeon, a proper assessment is done. The results of the assessment decide whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. If you are a good candidate then instructions regarding pre-operative care are provided.

The procedure is started by cleaning your scalp area. The topical anesthesia is injected into the donor and recipient areas to numb them. The reason behind this is to save the patient from any kind of pain. After that, the hair follicles are obtained from the recipient area and the procedure of hair grafting is done by implanting these hair follicles in the recipient area.

Expectations and Recovery

It is expected that your scalp may become tender after the surgery. You need to take some prescribed medicines for some days. Your surgeon may bandage your scalp if it is required. However, the recovery procedure is fast and you may continue your work routine after 3-5 days.You need to discuss all details with your doctor before going to opt for any hair transplant surgery. An expert surgeon helps you in making a decision if you need to go for a surgery or not.

Hopefully, you have got the answer of your question. The success stories of the FUE hair transplant in Dubai reveal that FUE hair transplant is a success. It provides you your natural hair back in a way that no one can even identify that you have gone through such surgery.

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