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September 17, 2016
Non-surgical Hair Loss Solutions
September 26, 2016

How to Say Goodbye to Baldness

Hair Transplant

People who lose their long and thick locks become distressed as it not only affects their physical appearance but also the self-confidence. The advancement of medical science has come up with many solutions to this old age problem. The best suitable option is selected depending on the type of hair loss and the cause behind it. In this article, we will share some really effective methods to restore lost hair and say goodbye to baldness forever.

Causes behind hair loss

People suffer from hair loss because of various reasons. For some, certain medical condition is the culprit while for others unhealthy lifestyle like sleep deprivation and unhealthy diet causes hair loss. Pregnancy and depression may also cause hair loss. Some types of hair loss are temporary while others may be permanent.

Before choosing any treatment, knowing the cause of losing luscious locks is important as it paves the way for the treatment. If the cause is temporary, medications may work but if you are losing hair because of heredity or some permanent cause, you need to choose proper treatment like hair restoration surgery or other effective hair loss therapies.

Various Hair Restoration methods to consider

Here are some popular and really effective hair restoration treatments that can help you restore your thick and luscious locks forever.

Hair transplant (زراعة الشعر في دبي): Hair transplants are the most popular and permanent solution to baldness. During the procedure, hair grafts are taken from the area having denser hair such as back of the scalp and are implanted in the bald area. Hair restoration surgeries have evolved to great extent in the last few years. Modern techniques are not only minimally invasive but more effective as well.

Hair transplant is basically divided into two types – FUE hair transplant treatment (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). In FUT, strip of scalp is removed from the donor area which is then dissected into groups of1 to 4 hair follicles that are implanted in recipient area. However, in FUE individual hair follicles are extracted with a small punching tool, which makes procedure less invasive. Furthermore, donor area can be other than scalp such as chest area or beard. Stem cell FUE is the latest innovation in FUE. In this procedure, a part of hair follicle and stem cells are removed instead of entire follicle from the donor area. The benefit of this surgery is that hair growth is not affected in the donor area as well.

ACell hair loss therapy: ACell hair loss therapy is non-surgical yet effective solution to baldness. In this procedure PRP, separated from the blood taken from your own body, is mixed with the growth factors and injected in the bald area with tiny needles. The growth factors help stimulate hair follicles and hair growth. The procedure needs multiple sessions to show desired results.

If you want to undergo hair restoration treatment or have any queries regarding treatment options available, visit Dubai Hair Club or fill in the free online consultation for below.

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