How Genetics Are Related To Hair Loss?

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December 30, 2016
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December 31, 2016

How Genetics Are Related To Hair Loss?


Hair loss impacts people regardless of their gender. Both men and women are experiencing hair loss from decades. Researchers are in the effort to know the exact causes so that they can get the solution of this issue. However, they are successful in knowing the causes but they cannot tell any exact cause. Hence, the results of the studies have revealed a fact that genetics play an important role in the baldness. Androgenetic alopecia is a type of hair loss that happens due to genetics. You cannot just take an idea whether you are genetically prone to lose your hair or not just by looking at one side of your family. Till now, it was a belief that genetic hair loss causes due to X chromosome that is received from the mother’s side. But now, latest researches reveal that it is not as simple and androgenetic alopecia came from different genes.

No one can deny the fact the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) performs its part in making a person bald. Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone that is produced by both genders. However, the fact the how men and women handle these chromosomes is the reason of changes in hair loss in them. Women get the hair loss through thinning of hair while the men usually lose the front hairline and top of the head. Usually, the hair loss causes in men is due to the genetics whereas causes differ in women as they may start losing their hair due to hormonal issues, stress, or related issues.

Expert’s Advice for Victims of Hair Loss

It is advised to both men and women to consult with a qualified doctor before going to opt for any treatment. It is necessary to know the actual cause before starting any treatment so that treatment can be performed in a well-mannered way.

You can be a survivor instead of a victim by opting the technique of hair transplant in Dubai. Thanks to the advancements of technology that the preventions of hair loss are accessible now. You can stop your hair loss by using different scientific methods or get a treatment of hair transplant to get your hair back on your scalp in a natural way.

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