Hair Treatments for a Youthful Appearance

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July 19, 2016
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July 21, 2016

Hair Treatments for a Youthful Appearance


Hair is one of the most important parts of the personality and hair loss can have adverse effects on the overall appearance. It is a natural process that affects most people in the world. Hair loss in men is very obvious and can lead to shedding of most hair.

This can significantly make a person look older. Especially in a case where hair loss takes place early, at times during the teenage years. In order to counter this problem, there are numerous options available for Hair Treatment in Dubai. We shall have a brief look into these options and understand how they can help.

Hair replacement system

These are the modern day version of toupees that do not look nearly as bad. An artificial porous scalp has natural hair on it which is customized for the given person. Hair replacement systems instantly get hair back on the scalp and return the youthful look. They can look a bit odd in the start but one gets used to it after a while.

The hair replacement systems in Dubai need to be adjusted every few weeks to make sure that they maintain their shape and appearance. Generally they have a life of two years after which they will need to be replaced. They also offer a limited choice when it comes to hairstyles, a major downside of hair replacement systems.

Non-invasive hair restoration

There are some clinical methods of hair restoration in noninvasive manners that can also be brought to use. ACell/PRP treatment and mesotherapy are two hair loss treatments in Dubai that work really well for getting hair back on the scalp. Both treatments need to be repeated a few times and bring results within a few months of the treatment.

Although the results are quite good and with good care can be maintained for a long time, there are certain limitations. The biggest one is it does not work in case of large bald areas. It only is useful in case of mild to moderate thinning when a fair number of strands are still available on the scalp.

Hair transplant surgery

Getting a hair transplant in Dubai is perhaps the most effective solution to look young and get rid of the hair loss in a permanent manner. Hair transplant surgery is considered as the Best Hair Treatment in Dubai to help a person restore hair for good. Numerous transplant options can be used for this purpose and the number of hair that can be transplanted in one session depends on the given procedure.

The procedure uses the hair of person’s own scalp and is completed within a few hours. The new hair start to grow out in about three months and in one year’s time hair grows to full length. Once fully grown, you can adopt any hairstyle that you like and look fantastic.

Keeping all the pros and cons in mind, hair transplant is the only option that gives the perfect results that last. If you want to restore your youthful appearance that hair loss has robbed from you, get a hair transplant in UAE and look fantastic.

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