Get Mustache Hair Transplant for Massive Look

Things you know about hair transplant
Things You Should Know about Hair Transplant
January 6, 2016
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January 12, 2016

Get Mustache Hair Transplant for Massive Look

Mustache Hair Transplant

For men around the globe, maintaining masculinity is an important matter. For this purpose, they are willing to go lengths. Mustaches are an important part of masculinity in many cultures and men keep them in all shapes and sizes. Some actually make a special effort to ensure that they maintain the perfect appearance of their mustaches.

However, some people have naturally week mustaches that do not look well. This can be a big issues in certain cultures where almost all men keep mustaches. For correcting a light mustache, a hair transplant surgery is an excellent option. It is a highly effective way of gaining the much loved mustaches in no time. Let’s dig in a little deeper to better understand the phenomenon.

How is mustache transplant done?

Mustache transplant is similar to any other hair transplant. The doctor first assesses the situation and plans the transplant accordingly. You will be provided with specific instructions for pre-procedural care and you should follow it to the letter.

At the start of the procedure, the donor area (back and sides of the scalp) and the recipient site (mustache area) are numbed down to ensure that no sensation if pain is felt. Follicles are collected from the donor site and incisions are made in the recipient area.

Generally Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method brought to use since a small number of grafts is needed and strip method is not very ideal for a small number of grafts. These follicles are then grafted into these incision with micro grafting techniques. The procedure concludes in a few hours.
The patient can return home the same day. Some rest in the next few days is needed to recover from the procedure and all the instructions from the doctor should be followed to ensure the desired results.

Timetable for mustache to grow

The transplanted hair in the mustache will shed in a few weeks’ time. The new hair from this site should start growing in about three months. They should get to full length and blend in another few months. Once they do, the mustache has a strong appearance and looks fantastic.
Effect on the personality

It brings a very pleasant change to the overall mindset. Many people can feel bad about a week beard and that can even become the butt of the jokes in some parts of the world. The new, stronger mustache will not only look better but also allow a lot more confidence to the person who has undergone the transplant.

If you are one of those people who have this issue, opt for the transplant. It will not only add to your looks but also make you feel better and improve your overall persona.
To learn more about mustache hair transplant or to see a transplant specialist, visit us at Dubai Hair Club. Alternatively, fill in the form for signing up for a free online consultation.

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