FUT vs FUE: Which one is the better option?

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February 3, 2016
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February 8, 2016

FUT vs FUE: Which one is the better option?

The first hair transplant took place way back in 1937 with techniques that can now be called as primitive. Since then, a lot of improvement has come along and now the latest procedures allow a perfectly natural look to the transplanted hair.

There are numerous procedures that are available for this purpose. However, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the most preferred choices. Many people are unable to decide which one to opt for. Here is a comparison between the two to give you a better idea and help you decide.

Follicles collection procedure

Follicular Unit Transplant in Dubai works with the excision of a strip of the scalp which is dissected under a stereo microscope. The follicles are then stored in saline water before being grafted. In case of FUE hair transplant, the hair are collected with a pneumatic punch and are ready to be grafted right away.

Number of grafts in a single session

The number of grafts in FUE hair transplant in Dubai is more than FUT. In FUT, follicles are acquired through dissection of the strip of the scalp. On the other hand, there is no such need in FUE where follicles are directly extracted. This allows greater speed to the extraction process.

Grafting procedure

The grafting procedure is the same in both procedures. Follicles are inserted into specially made incisions in the recipient site. The technique is known as micrografting.

Downtime after treatment

The downtime after the FUT procedure is at least two weeks. Complete rest should be done and caution should be exercised afterwards. In case of FUE, this time is a week to ten days and a person recovers almost completely during this procedure. The main difference is that there is no tightness of the scalp in FUE which gives it the edge.

Scarring after hair transplant

Since a strip of scalp is excised, there is a scar left at the site where it is sutured. Even with the best of jobs, a small scar will be there. In case of FUE, there are very small pinhole scars left by the extraction of follicles. As the hair grow a little, they are pretty well covered.

Success rate

The success rate is higher in FUE transplant since there is no storage time and the follicles are directly grafted after collection. On the other hand, some of the follicles are transacted during the dissection and some lose their strength while they are stored in saline water. The results are decent with FUT but better with FUE.

Cost of procedure

FUT has a lower cost than FUE. This is because it is an older procedure. The results with both procedures are quite decent.
Have you made up your mind on which transplant option to use? If not, discuss it with a hair transplant expert at Dubai Hair Club. Or you can get an online consultation free of charge. Just fill in the form and grab this offer.

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