5 reasons for choosing FUE hair transplants

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Surgical Hair Restoration For Men
January 20, 2017
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January 24, 2017

5 reasons for choosing FUE hair transplants


FUE hair transplants are basically one of the most advanced methods of surgical hair restoration so that we can get biggest advantage in today’s era. Do you know what does FUE mean? It basically stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and it is able to provide excellent cosmetic results if we compare it to some older style of punch graft and the strip incision transplants. There will be quite less scarring than with any other common method.

When you’re having a transplant and the area from where your hair is taken is known as the donor area. With some older techniques, a small strip of skin would be cut from the back side of head. This would generally leave a very big scar on the back portion of your head – so short haircuts were completely out; even if your hair transplant was 100% successful.

So why doctors and everyone prefer FUE when they want to get hair transplants? Here are few important reasons to consider

Reasons for FUE hair transplant:

  1. Scarring is invisible
  2. Suitable for everyone having short hair
  3. Good for anyone who is having a tight scar
  4. If someone want to cut his hair for quite short then FUE is the best way to choose
  5. Healing time is quite shorter

Before having a best FUE transplant, a well qualified surgeon will need to properly assess your suitability. Actually the amount of donor hair and the proper density of your own hair will eventually decide how much of the bald area of scalp can be covered efficiently. Everyone can always have a hair transplant – but the question is how much enough coverage will get in the end.

So with the help of this type of hair transplant the hairs will be removed in some tiny follicular units such as (1 – 3 hairs) and then they will be transplanted directly into your scalp. These hairs are basically transplanted directly from your donor area without the common need for a strip of your skin to be cut away. There are some invisible scars in the donor area but these will be as small as a size of a pin prick on the skin – you’d surely need a magnifying glass to find them.

Successful method among all:

The older techniques of careful hair transplant are now becoming very obsolete- it is just because FUE method has proven to be very successful. Patients have had more than 9,000 hairs transplanted in just a single session by having this type of hair transplant. Now it means that you just have a single hair transplant, which heal up and then you will spend your next 12 months watching all that new natural hair growing on your head…..and you will see that nobody will be sure how it even happened.

Final thoughts:

These careful hair transplants techniques basically depends upon the expertise of your surgeon, if you are living in Dubai then it’s quite possible for you to have a cost effective hair transplant Dubai , because it is the country having well qualified hair transplants specialists who will perform the surgery by observing all important aspects.

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